The Drone Racing League just raised $1 million. Is this the world’s next sport obsession?

The Drone Racing League just raised $1 million. Is this the world

One of the world’s newest sports is about to take off in a big way, albeit without any spectators on the ground.
Or rather so far below on the ground, it’s better for them to settle into their living rooms with a screen of their choice.

When it comes to spectator sport (sorry chess, not you), you think huge crowds, finger food, drinks and lots of banners
and cheering.

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Pilots race drones in first national championships

They fight in wars and fly over farms dusting crops, but drones are transforming into something new: sporting equipment. One-hundred twenty pilots from all over the world will send packs of drones zipping around an 11,000-seat stadium at speeds of up to 80 mph. Carter Evans previews the first U.S. National Drone Racing Championships at the California State Fair.

CBS News.

My last quadcopter upgrade


Let me share with you my last quadcopter update: Leds!

Check this out:

IMG_1015 IMG_1016
They are very bright! I Can’t wait to see it flying around.

I made a indoor hovering (don’t do that at home!) to test the battery time and got the same time I usually have. The leds does not consume too much energy.

After talking with one of my students about the Mobius camera, I decided to test my Pilot cam – The camera that comes with my Fat Shark FPV system. The Mobius really fits my needs and has much less video delay (lag) than the Pilot cam. Also, the Pilot cam needs energy from the battery. The Mobius uses its internal battery, giving me more energy for flight time.

In the hovering test I was able to stay flying for around 6 minutes but on the field the energy consumption is very different.

In one of the quads (the right one below) I am using the Mobius camera for recording videos and FPV.

IMG_1171 (1)

In the other one I am using the pilot camera for FPV (using the quadcopter battery), leds and the Mobius camera for video recording. The Pilot camera has more video delay than the Mobius camera for FPV.

As I usually say, just testing to see what happens.

As soon as I test my changes I will post about it!